Appeal to Heaven We Are Here to Care for Each Other

Are you; A senior in search of high quality in-home care? A family facing tough decisions about careers, college, and caring for aging relatives? New parents having a hard time keeping up with everything? Looking for someone who can drive you home after a surgery or other procedure?

Are you; An expert care provider; Nurse, Aide, or Companion; seeking satisfying work and honest pay? Devoted to providing care you can be proud of? Longing to change lives with your knowledge, skills, and experience?

We are Appeal to Heaven.

We want to bring you together.

What We Do

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Appeal to Heaven provides clients with customized care at home. We give nurses a unique career opportunity. Learn more about your local team and our approach to care below.

Counties we are currently working in:

  • Chippewa
  • Dunn
  • Eau Claire

Don't see your county? Contact us today to see how we can help!

When You Need Appeal to Heaven

If you’re experiencing an illness, or you’re recovering from surgery, figuring out care options can be overwhelming and it can take all of your energy. Save yourself the trouble and contact Appeal to Heaven. When you hire an Appeal to Heaven provider to manage your caregiving, you’re choosing peace of mind. We’ll come to your home, treating and caring for you in an environment that’s comfortable and familiar to you.

Whether you’re:

  • Living with chronic illness
  • Needing routine care
  • Wanting someone to make occasional house calls
  • Looking for mobility assistance
  • Wanting to prevent hospitalization
  • Planning a procedure

Then Appeal to Heaven is your answer. If you’re in need of quality, in-home care, contact us today!

When You Need Us
  • Is this an agency?

    We are a link between clients seeking services and providers seeking to earn a living as an independent contractor.

  • How do I join a team?

    To get started, submit your contact information and your credentials to a team leader through The team leader will contact you to request your resume, references, background check, and evidence of insurance. Once you have provided these you may be offered some practice time with the team to demonstrate your skills, and learn Appeal to Heaven business basics. You may then be offered a try-out for a spot on the team. If you make the team you will then complete your Appeal to Heaven profile and may begin accepting offers for work.

  • How do I find in home care?

    Once you’ve found a team in your community, submit your contact information and a short description of your needs. The team leader will contact you to set up an appointment for a consultation. Appeal to Heaven builds a customized team around your needs and preferences, so your patience is rewarded.  

  • What is Appeal to Heaven?

    Appeal to Heaven is not a home care agency. Appeal to Heaven is a platform connecting two groups of customers; in-home care providers and people or families in need of in home care. We provide the business support for providers to work as independent contractors and a convenient location for clients to find care providers to hire. All payments for services obtained through Appeal to Heaven are processed through the site. Appeal to Heaven receives 10% of each transaction to pay for the costs of building, marketing, and maintaining the site.

Why choose appeal to heaven?
As a client

  • Conserve your resources.
  • Maintain your dignity.
  • Give of yourself.

  • Stay connected.
  • Stay active.
  • Stay where you are.

  • Choose your services.
  • Choose your providers.
  • Control your costs.

  • Provide quality employment.
  • Keep young families local.
  • Strengthen your community.
As a provider

  • Work with your clients.
  • Provide comfort.
  • Are strength.

  • Plan your care.
  • Use your skills.
  • Experience nursing.

  • Run your own micro-business.
  • Set your own fees.
  • Make your own schedule.

  • Fill in the cracks.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Mentor your team.