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Roles within Appeal to Heaven

Every team member is an independent contractor responsible for managing her or his own schedule, meeting financial needs, covering business expenses and balancing personal needs. Each member is part of a team and expected to participate in client schedules in a manner that shows respect and compassion for other team members.


The provider is the nurse or assistant completing a particular visit for a client. It is the job of each provider to promote and to maintain the trust of the client and his or her family. This is accomplished when our actions match our words. We use the tools we have: Clear Care, text, email and phone for communicating with each other, our clients and their families.

Care Manager:

An effective RN Care Manager (RNCM) provides leadership to the care team and a sense of security to the client and family. The RNCM should know how to complete each of the client’s cares. The RNCM should regularly complete a routine visit that includes the delegated tasks in order to always be the leader of the team. Being an effective leader has always included expertise in the field. When nurses do not know how to perform clients’ tasks it undermines their authority with those to whom they delegate. Delegating to independent contractors means the RNCM is representing the law, in the form of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA), and the client as his advocate to other providers. The NPA requires RN delegation of any hands-on care. The role of client advocate requires the RNCM to intervene on behalf of the client with designees in regard to satisfactory performance. The RNCM is also the advocate on behalf of her team to the clients she manages and their families.

Team Leader:

The job of the leader is to build the culture of the team beginning with trust. The bucks stop with the Team Leader. The Team Leader ensures that client billing and provider payments are accurate and complete. The leader sets the example of high-quality care, attention to detail, and acceptance of responsibility for the rest of the team to follow. The leader provides the training and support team members need to become successful in their pursuits.

Becoming a Team Member:

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