About Us

Where Patient Care and Peace of Mind Meet

Appeal to Heaven Independent Nurses’ Network takes the business of nursing back to the earliest days of professional nursing in the 19th century. Back then nurses were independent contractors that worked together in nurse registries, (Registered Nurses). Families would hire registry nurses when a loved one was in need of care. These nurses specialized in practice areas like; maternity, surgery, post-operative care, and chronic disease management. They would remain in the employ of that patient until the problem was resolved and then return to the nurse house to await their next assignment.

Appeal to Heaven takes this model to the 21st century. We are building a web application that will function as a nurse registry. Our clients and their families will be able to hire nurses directly to provide care for numerous health concerns; geriatric care, post-operative care, chronic disease management, foot and nail care, wound care, long term care advocacy, fall prevention, and general care management, overseeing and evaluating personal and supportive care services.

We are a self pay organization because we believe firmly that no one can serve two masters and history bears this out. When made to choose between the preferences of the patient versus the preferences of the pay source most people will follow the directions of the source of their pay. This choice is often difficult and is a contributing factor to nursing burn out, which is a primary cause of talented nurses leaving nursing entirely. We want to keep the best nurses working as nurses.

How can Appeal to Heaven help you?

Most people when asked to choose; choose to remain in their homes throughout their lives rather than move into any type of facility. No matter how lovely the décor or how friendly the staff, everyone recognizes that they are giving up control over their lives when they leave their homes.

Admission to a long term care facility most often occurs after someone has been hospitalized. Even a short hospital stay can result in loss of muscle strength, balance, and flexibility that increase fall risks. Mental status changes resulting from infection, medications, or sleep deprivation caused by pain or other symptoms are often mistaken for dementia. Hospital staff often mistake acute symptoms for permanent weakness and dementia. They then seek placement in a facility in their patient’s best interests.

A private nurse knows you; knows your health history; your functional abilities, your healthy state. She can not only advocate for you in the hospital and long term care setting; she can also prevent that hospitalization from ever happening. Our nurses make regular assessments of your health based on your needs and your wishes. We communicate and collaborate with your doctors to manage any health concerns to keep you out of the hospital and therefore out of the nursing home.

This is why our tagline is; At Home, Independent, and In Control.