Answers to Put Your Mind at Ease

Whether you're taking the next step in your career, or you're searching for the right caretaker, you want to know you're making the right choice. We want you to make the right choice, too, which is why Appeal to Heaven has answered many questions in order to assure you that this is the right place for you. Welcome to a better career and better care. Welcome to Appeal to Heaven.

  • Is this an agency?

    We are a link between clients seeking services and providers seeking to earn a living as an independent contractor.

  • How do I join a team?

    To get started, submit your contact information and your credentials to a team leader through appealtoheaven.net. The team leader will contact you to request your resume, references, background check, and evidence of insurance. Once you have provided these you may be offered some practice time with the team to demonstrate your skills, and learn Appeal to Heaven business basics. You may then be offered a try-out for a spot on the team. If you make the team you will then complete your Appeal to Heaven profile and may begin accepting offers for work.

  • How do I find in home care?

    Once you’ve found a team in your community, submit your contact information and a short description of your needs. The team leader will contact you to set up an appointment for a consultation. Appeal to Heaven builds a customized team around your needs and preferences, so your patience is rewarded.  

  • What is Appeal to Heaven?

    Appeal to Heaven is not a home care agency. Appeal to Heaven is a platform connecting two groups of customers; in-home care providers and people or families in need of in home care. We provide the business support for providers to work as independent contractors and a convenient location for clients to find care providers to hire. All payments for services obtained through Appeal to Heaven are processed through the site. Appeal to Heaven receives 10% of each transaction to pay for the costs of building, marketing, and maintaining the site.

  • What are your fees?

     Typically Appeal to Heaven costs are at or below the average regional costs; while our unique business model allows the majority of providers to enjoy higher than average wages.

  • Is this safe?
    Appeal to Heaven teams are formed and lead by Registered Nurses. As long as you have a case management contract in effect, any unlicensed provider on an RN’s team is providing care under the RN’s license. In order to protect her license that RN ensures her team has the best training and supervision she can provide.
  • Do I pay each care provider individually?

    No, you pay Appeal to Heaven. Appeal to Heaven distributes your payments to the appropriate providers through our payment processing company. Any provider or client suggesting payment outside of the Appeal to Heaven app should be reported to Appeal to Heaven immediately as untrustworthy.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    No, Appeal to Heaven does not accept 3rd party payment. Many of our clients are able to submit their receipts to their long term care insurance and be reimbursed. Some Appeal to Heaven providers may do this as an additional service.
  • What are the benefits?

    The primary benefit of private care is the control it provides. When you are no longer in your own home or paying your own way you lose control over virtually every aspect of your life. Appeal to Heaven providers are guests in your home. You are their employer. You may assign an Appeal to Heaven provider any task that is safe, legal, ethical, and within the scope of practice of that provider. You may also refuse any care you do not wish to receive.

    Appeal to Heaven providers are independent contractors and so they retain control over the assignments they accept and may refuse any assignment for any reason.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    Currently, cash or check. Electronic Payment Processing is coming soon.
  • Why was Appeal to Heaven built?

    Professional nursing began as an opportunity to be entrepreneurial. Working together, nurses formed networks called “Nurse Registries.” They bought or built a “nurse house” where they all lived. Clients would come to the Nurse House and hire the next available nurse. The nurses would live in their clients’ homes until their services were no longer necessary. Then they would return to the nurse house to live and await their turn for work. These registries were extremely successful, but limited the nurses’ personal lives.

    Appeal to Heaven is modeled after this early entrepreneurial spirit of professional nursing. Instead of a nurse house, our office is our team page on the appealtoheaven.net web application. The app provides the structure of a small business, and mentoring for successful nursing practice, without the limitations on personal lives.

  • What makes Appeal to Heaven services unique?

    Affordable professional nursing services. Medicare and other insurances only offer RN services at home to clients that meet strict requirements. The extent, frequency, and duration of those services are determined by the agency, the pay source, and the doctor, not the client. Privately paying for RN services from these agencies is outside the reach of most people. Agencies that offer private pay home care services offer unskilled services only, often without direct RN supervision.

  • What do we mean by skilled nursing services?

    Care that requires the training and licensure of a registered or practical nurse; physical assessment of health and home, care planning and management, medication management, wound care, catheter care, other medically prescribed treatments, and collaboration with doctors to prevent complications, hospitalization, and facility placement.

    Registered nurses are licensed to train, assign work, and supervise the work of unlicensed providers on their teams; and to provide care giving education to family members to improve the safety and health of family care givers and the people they are caring for.

  • Why do I need a Registered Nurse?

    Research consistently shows that having an RN involved in your care can prevent hospitalization. Even a short stay in the hospital of a day or two can leave a senior too weak to return home, leading to nursing home placement. For seniors an RN can mean more time at home and, over the long term, a better use of family resources. For others an RN can mean a shorter, healthier, more comfortable recovery from surgery or other procedure; and fewer complications for the person with a chronic illness.

  • Are all Appeal to Heaven providers registered nurses?

    No. A registered nurse leads every team; providing training, delegation, and supervision. It is that license that provides accountability for all Appeal to Heaven services. The RN license protects clients and their families from unqualified providers and protects unlicensed providers from clients and agencies who would ask them to work outside their legal scope of practice.