Our Mission


To provide clients convenient access to the skilled and unskilled nursing care and services necessary to remain in their own homes, in control of their own lives.
To provide nurses and nursing care providers a turnkey entrepreneurial opportunity.

Appeal to Heaven - Our Mission - VisionVision

Through the simplicity of the direct pay transaction, each client, and each team member has the freedom to do what he ought to do, in the manner of his choosing; and the freedom from being compelled to do anything he would not do by choice.

Appeal to Heaven - Our Mission - ValuesValues

  • The rules of nursing practice will be followed
  • Our neighbor’s priorities are our priorities
  • Protect and maintain client property
  • Private information is kept private
  • Address conflict directly
  • Prevent burnout in yourself and your team
  • Maintain relationships with professionalism

Appeal to Heaven - Our Mission - ProcessProcess

Learn our client’s goals.
Build relationships of trust and understanding.
Provide guidance, informed by expertise to achieve client goals